MESSINA is a powerful real-time test system for the validation of ECU functions in early phases. Its scope of application includes the test of models, software components and control units on the HiL test bench. For integrated testing of ECU functions with different maturity levels, MESSINA allows to test them in any combination. This unique consistency of MiL, SiL and HiL test as well as the flexible configuration of integration test enable an efficient and cost-optimized test process. In addition to a real time runtime system and an intuitive user interface, MESSINA offers standard interfaces such as FMI or EtherCAT to integrate models, simulations or hardware components for the test.


  • Modular configurable test platform for development of ECU functions – from model to HiL test bench
    • MiL/SiL: software component test in early development phases
    • HiL: component and integration test on the test bench
    • Integration tests by simulation or real execution of several ECU functions in any combination
  • Modular and open architecture
    • Model integration, e.g. with Matlab/Simulink
    • Support of FMI-standard
    • ECU connection incl. CAN, LIN, AIO, DIO
    • High scalability at low cost for signal connections by using the EtherCAT protocol
  • Consistent test automation: In combination with TESTONA or MODICA, our tools for systematic test design, MESSINA offers a fully automated test process – from the test specification and generation to the test execution and evaluation.
  • Test execution in real time
  • Parameterizable test cases provide an easy generation of a large number of executable test scenarios and variants from generic test templates
  • Evolutionary testing for the validation of particularly complex functions in a system. This is an iterative, search-based test procedure, that can autonomously detect critical situations for the test object and generate appropriate tests.
  • Generation of test sequences in different notations such as UML and JAVA


  • Camera-HiL: Test of camera-based driver assistance functions such as lane keep assist systems or traffic sign detection
  • MESSINA RS: Robot-based test automation to test infotainment-, interior- and other user interfaces
  • ANCONA: EtherCAT-based HiL test system with a wide range of components for signal
    conditioning as well as modules for the connection with various sensors and actuators
  • Modular-HiL: Universal real-time HiL test system for the validation of software-based


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