For partially automated, highly automated and ultimately autonomous driving the environment perception plays a fundamental role. Dealing with a constantly growing complexity and very heterogeneous sensor setups, ADAS architects have to identify correct sensor requirements for reliable environment detection. Expleo┬┤s multisensor perception simulator is a tool, which can systematically simulate a specific perception sensor setup and verify it against defined scenarios. Our product can easily handle physical as well as virtual and abstract sensors.


  • Simulating a scenario based on defined ego-trajectory and waypoints in 3D space
  • 3D obstacles simulation with simple bounding-boxes: works with categorized objects and currently simulates only static obstacles
  • Visualizing the scene and use cases in a 2D top view
  • Perception simulation with mathematical 3D projection calculations
  • Verifying obstacle perception, scene perception, based on the 3D scene, active sensors and their properties


  • Identification of correct sensor requirements for environment detection
  • Easy interface to define sensors with assigned sensor models, incl. H-FOV, V-FOV, Min/Max Range, Radial and Angular Resolution, properties, sensor position and orientation


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