Munich, 30. September 2020

Expleo Germany GmbH announces that PowerDiff will be discontinued with End Of Life Date on 30. September 2020.

Twenty-four (24) months after the „End Of Life Date“ licences will not anymore be provided or renewed and the operation of the software will no longer be granted.


PowerDiff is THE graphical comparison tool for IBM Rational Statemate. PowerDiff can be used to track the consistency as well as the traceability of changes over the entire life cycle of the models. Logical analysis of the IBM Rational Statemate models allows PowerDiff to detect new, deleted or changed elements. This is essential for effective change management that optimally supports the IBM Rational Statemate user in the development of complex systems.

The user can interactively explore model changes and generate, at the press of a button, clearly structured change reports that also present complex changes in several models in a comprehensible manner. All model components are graphically represented, exactly representing the familiar appearance of IBM Rational Statemate. A detailed structural view of the models provides fast access to the individual model components. The linking of reports in PDF format deserves particular emphasis. The user requires only one click to jump from a model component that is marked as changed to an accurate description of the change.

PowerDiff has also been optimised to generate reports on complex models with several thousand pages within a short time. The possibility of fully automated generation of change reports allows almost seamless integration of PowerDiff into the review and release process of complex projects.


  • Comparison of IBM Rational Statemate models
  • Flexible selection of the comparison criteria desired (e.g. short / long description, attributes)
  • Simple compilation of IBM Rational Statemate model hierarchies with multiple import, export and editing functionalities
  • Creation of change reports in PDF format
  • No IBM Rational Statemate installation required


  • Faster analysis of model changes
  • Optimisation of configuration management
  • Automated generation of change reports
  • Increase of the transparency of changes
  • Gap-free documentation of changes
  • Validation of changes


Technical Support


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License & Support Conditions

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